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This world-building-around-the-player is a really cool effect! I also like the pixelated 3-d style! Very nice little thing :D

I'm late to the party! XD
But I love the visuals and music of this game. I even made it to the end. :)
I think I bumped into an enemy, but we did not hurt each other. :D

I like the effect.

I really like the building effect of the world, ( Im gonna try do it my self, seems fun)
and I like the puzzle possibilities of the gray blocks. But I didn't understand what to do, I found the old man, and loop around a couple of times, is this game finish ?, or Im just too bad at it.
But yea, I really liked those 2 things, great work !

it’s just a test level. I started too late and couldn’t finish on time :)